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The Accidental Guru – Michael Maher

Known as America’s Most Referred Real Estate Professional, Michael Maher owns one of the top real estate companies in Kansas City. He receives over 500 referrals and averages over 200 transactions per year while the average agent gets 3 referrals and does 5 transactions per year. His book (7L) “The Seven Levels of Communication” with the subtitle of “Go from Relationships to Referrals” has been on the National Bestseller List for OVER 200 DAYS. Out of over 100 million people, Michael is the MOST RECOMMENDED REAL ESTATE professional on LinkedIn.com What makes this story even more phenomenal is that 100% of the sales of (7L) have been by word of mouth, by referral – no mass Internet e-mail blast, no advertising, no promotions, no direct mail. People like me and you telling others about the book… Incredible.

A couple of months ago, he was featured on Zig Ziglar’s World Wide Webcast, the only Realtor to ever have that opportunity. They were so impressed that Michael and the Ziglar Corporation are now working together to create the Ziglar Endorsed Library.
He coined the term and is one of the leaders of the Generosity Generation.