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The Learning Curve – Build Brain Fitness and Accelerate Learning for Your Child

This works for children and adults!

Just as exercise promotes physical fitness, exercising our brain improves brain fitness in four critical areas.


Today’s guest is Dr. Martha S. Burns who has been a practicing speech language pathologist for 45 years. Dr. Burns is on the Faculty of Northwestern University, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders and who also works with Scientific Learning Corp.

Hear Dr. Burns discuss how one of Scientific Learning’s programs, Fast Forward®, helps learners achieve up to a two year reading gain in as little as three months.

Hear Dr. Burns discuss (in layman’s terms) the architecture of the brain, its “plasticity,” and how it can be knowingly addressed and developed.

In this show we’ll be discussing the types of fun games and exercises you can use with your child (or use yourself) to build and strengthen brain fitness and learning capacity and speed. These are the types of exercises that can be done anywhere: at home, in the car, on walks, at school; anywhere you or your child can interact with the environment or another person.

We’ll also discuss the distinction between video games that only entertain versus those that both entertain and develop brain “muscle.”

Dr. Burns has a wonderful blog listeners should also go to.

And go to Scientific Learning’s website for further information.

Roger and Virginia at The Learning Curve