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The Manic Gardener – Going Native: why and how to garden with native plants

Some people think this: Native plants are tough, hardy, drought-tolerant, and easy going, free of those picky preferences that plague domesticated garden plants. Stick ‘em in the ground and they’ll grow.
Others think this: Natives are messy, unkempt, overgrown, weedy, undisciplined, and invasive. And they lower property values.
Still others believe this: Natives take too long to become established: if you go down that path, you may as well declare your garden a bloom-free zone and have done with it.
These aren’t the only myths to go down before this week’s guests as they talk about the benefits and the challenges of gardening with native plants. Tim Lewis, President of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, explains why native varieties are good for you, your garden, and the planet. Donna Van Buecken, Wild Ones’ Executive Director, gives essential practical advice about getting started without getting overwhelmed.
Along the way, you’ll get tips about how to use natives to filter and reduce run-off, how to avoid that bare look in a new native garden, how to plant on a slope, and a dozen other topics.

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*(And other stuff. One is called Sex, Death, and Fly Fishing. Hmm.)