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The Optimistic Muslim

The Optimistic Muslim – Just What Is “The Crescent Directive”?

Sounds like a Muslim conspiracy, doesn’t it? But if it is, it’s one of the good kind!
Time and again you’ve probably heard, “If the majority of Muslims are moderate, “Mainstreet” Americans who love their country, then where are the mainstream moderate Muslims, and why don’t we hear more of them?” Well, “Mainstream”, “Mainstreet” American Muslim Khurram Dara finally decided he’d heard it enough.
Growing up in Buffalo New York, he never thought he’d become the voice of his generation; but his “The Crescent Directive”, about “how PTA meetings, Thanksgiving dinner, and Little League will save Islam’s Image in America” has become the #1 best selling ebook on Islam on Amazon, because it’s all about what simple, “grass-roots” American Muslims can do to make America whole again.
Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Khurram about why so many Muslim attempts to heal relationships by educating their neighbors about their religion fall flat, and how we can all be more effective.
As Khurram says, “We have a dog in this fight! We have a vested interest in protecting America!”
Do you agree? Then tune in to find out why, when, where and how!