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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – Adoption part 2

My mom always taught me I would always be a part of the Quinn family and in my book “Moms are the CEOs of Life” ti tell why it was so important to me since I was adopted.
Today we are talking to Sarah Saffian who wrote a book, “Ithaka, A Daughters Memoirs of Being Found”
Sarah was adopted but her biological mother found her, not the usual outcome for an adoptee.
She talks about her struggle of dealing with a new family and and the conflicts that she dealt with. It is a riveting story and one everyone needs to hear if you are an adoptee or related to one or just know one.
She brings us into to her journey and lets the audience feel the pressures of what she dealt with.
Join me in this truly riveting story and how Sarah dealt with the joys and heartaches of “being found”.