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Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Leadership. Success. And You – Healthy Eating On The Run For The Frequent Traveler

Join host Dr. Ulwyn and guest Connie Fairbanks who will share with you many healthy food choices that you can eat when traveling on the road or in the air. Discover how to travel without gaining weight, be at the top of your game, and be in control of the stressors associated with travel so that you can ward off future health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even look better. Connie Fairbanks is a born entrepreneur. She raised $40 M for an eight person medical device company in Boston. Later she launched the first nicotine patch in the US for a Swedish company and developed a device for female stress incontinence. Connie is the author and publisher of Scratch That™, Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings. She has hosted many food segments in the Chicago/Midwest for WGN, NBC, Fox, ABC, and LiveWell HD. Be sure to get Dr. Ulwyn’s Success Guide for today’s show at