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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – AGENDA 21. PART TWO

Interview with Coleman Alderson of the Little Red Pill Dot Com! Ever hear of Agenda 21–so named because it is THEIR blueprint for US for the 21st century? What It REALLY Means!
Just a taste: wipe private property rights out around the globe…force you/your family into compact housing in dense planned multi-family “compact housing…confiscate private farms/farmland…ban individual ownership of cars…determine what you eat, where you live, how and what you can learn, and where and when you can move (if at all). Wait til you hear about Obama’s Executive Order of June 6, 2011, masked with the Wiener scandal–and who is on that new White House Rural Council, without congressional oversight. You will not be pleased.
The end of family, faith, the Constitution, and America. And, that is exactly what the global government plan proponents–including Barrack Obama and the czars HE appointed– want. Not a science fiction tale (unfortunately)…its on-line, all twenty-eight chapters, and four major elements. Their goal is full implementation by 2025. We don’t have much time–and YOU are the key. And, don’t miss Reid’s tantalizing CHUNKS (these are way bigger than tidbits) of Torture this week. Get ready to roll your eyes!