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Doc Holliday’s Tea Party – NOW ALL EYES TURN TO FLORIDA

Join Doc this week as all eyes turn to the primary election in Florida. Is the Tea Party relevant in this race for the Republican nomination? As all eyes turn to Florida listen to conservative Steve Deace get interviewed by Doc Holliday. Steve is from Iowa and plays a heavy role in vetting the presidential candidates there as he did earlier this month. Steve will tell you some predictions about how the media will act if Romney wins the nomination that you may have not heard before and he has some important information for where the tea party is now and how it could make a big mistake. Doc’s TOMBSTONE of the week award once again goes to the actions of President Obama and if you are Catholic or have Catholic friends or use any services from their organizations you better listen to what has been done by our President. In fact, so many times President Obama deserves the TOMBSTONE award that Doc will introduce a new segment of the show. Click on now and don’t forget to check out Doc’s new book, Doc Holliday’s Rock Splitting Politics and you can click here to read his latest online article about Newt.