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Getting Better Health Care – Stress, stress myths, and how to control stress (Part 1)

Stress contributes to poor health and poor quality of life. What is stress? According to physician and stress coach Dr. Mort Orman, stress is just a word, not a distinct entity.

Part 1 of our discussion with Dr. Orman focuses on defining what we mean by stress. The word stress can be used to mean different things. Orman stresses (pardon the pun) that there are both external and internal factors that contribute to what we perceive as stress. He points out that instead of dealing with “stress”—which often means dealing with the symptoms of stress—that we should be dealing more effectively with the root causes, the specific problems in our lives that make us feel stressed.

In part 2 of our discussion with Dr. Orman, we discuss how hidden internal factors affect how we deal with our problems. He points out that one of the best ways to effectively deal with the stress is to develop greater self-awareness of how we deal with problems internally. He applies this to everything from family at the holidays to visits with physicians.

Dr. Orman offers a lot of free coaching on stress though his Internet website,