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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – De’j`a Vu Vegas. Shot Show 2012, Part I

De’j`a Vu Vegas. Shot Show 2012, Part I

Once more North America’s largest outdoor show in Las Vegas proved to yield some surprises as I made the rounds through Range Day and tromped for four days looking at thousands of exhibitor’s booths at the 2012 Shot Show. Part I covers Range Day exhibitors and muzzleloading.

Things got off with a rip with a long blast from a replica 1877 Gatling Gun in .45-70 that you may purchase from Colt for about $39,000. Some more practical treasures included a true left-handed Model 1911 Colt .45 auto from Cabot Arms, a new line of Razorback Bullets from Winchester Ammunition designed for increasing the hog killing potential of AR-platform rifles and a return by Eddie Bower to clothing designed for hunters, shooters and fishermen.

Muzzleloading and early cartridge arms included interviews and visits with BPI (CVA), Traditions, Davide Pedersoli, Knight Rifles, Chiappa, Uberti, Taylor’s & Co., Cimarron Arms, Dixie Gun Works and Thompson/Center Arms. Thompson/Center announced a new interchangeable barrel bolt-action cartridge rifle that will be affordable and offer extreme versatility in calibers and stock shapes. CVA introduced a drop-barreled muzzleloading pistol based on the Optima action to compete with Traditions’ Vortex pistol which is now offered with a scope package.

Muzzle loading suppliers include Hodgdon Powder, Cutting Edge Bullets and Harvester Bullets who offer components for both the muzzleloading and cartridge gun markets.

Common themes in this year;s show included turned solid-brass bullets from several makers as well as manufacturers making their guns more versatile by adding interchangeable/replaceable components and modules to fit their guns to a variety of uses.

Once more ads will be heard from Fix It, Inc., who can help insure that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and on the next show SIN, Inc. (Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc.) will link up with Casa Hispanica Calente Maximissemo and relate how to make really good salsa.