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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Latest Laser Skin Resurfacing System – DOT Therapy – Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Bruce Katz

Join Dr Barry Lycka and his guest, Dr Bruce Katz from the Juva Skin Center in New York, as they discuss the latest CO2 laser skin resurfacing system known as DOT therapy, or SmartXide Dot. This process is also called ‘fractional resurfacing’ and is used to treat deep wrinkles, photo-aging, acne scars, and other difficult to treat skin conditions. One of the biggest benefits is that is does this with minimal downtime, fast healing and simple after-care. The two cosmetic dermatologists discuss the problems and side-effects typically experienced with earlier versions of laser skin procedures, and how, with its higher levels of control and customisation, this new process eliminates those problems. Finally, Dr Katz explains his pioneering Fractional Eyelift (known as the “Madonna Lift”) – a safe effective treatment with many benefits of a surgical eyelift without the risk and downtime.