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Ripley Radio – Mental Floss, Starbuck Surprises & a Dog Named Ripley

Ethan Trex of the popular web site and magazine, Mental Floss, stops by Ripley Radio this week to discuss the weird topics his publication carries, how they research the bizarre, and how it compares with Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
A pitiful little pooch was found in the ditches in Houma, La., near death and totally unrecognizable as a dog in fall 2010. Today, a little more than a year later, Ripley the Dog is flourishing in his new home. Mike Tingle joins us and provides an update on the little guy and says that with the help that Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Petco provided him and the shelter, the adoption was made possible.

Additional Bizarre, Weird and Unbelievable Topics Discussed this Week.
• Care for a cup of Pequod today? Starbucks was nearly named Pequod, after the ship in the literary classic Moby Dick! Intern Abby reports on that near travesty and other things we all should know about the popular coffee chain.
• In the segment, “Jackpotting with James Taylor,” the sideshow historian and author of Shocked and Amazed shares with us the colorful and unique life of Homer Tate, possibly the best sideshow gaff maker in the history of the business.
• Peter Minuet, who sold Manhattan to the Indians, was fired shortly thereafter by the Dutch Government. You’ll be surprised at the reason for his dismissal.
• A Seattle man’s decades-long guilt evidently led him to return money he had stolen from a Sear’s cash register in the late 1940s – with interest! He anonymously returned it to the customer service desk during the 2011 holiday shopping rush.
• Imagine this: You are a high ranking and award winning police official but get caught committing a crime. Ok, bad enough but how about this? You are spending time in the correctional institute that the city named after you for your years of outstanding service! Believe it or Not! it happened.
• Angela discusses a computer program that reacts to your mood, and other unbelievable techie-type of amazing products that remind us that Big Brother probably IS watching us.
• Ripley’s archivist Edward Meyer recounts his trip in late 2011 in which he traveled to the mountains of Thailand to meet artists who weld together huge statues out of used car parts.

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