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Seniors Talk Radio

Adam Avery

Seniors Talk Radio – “Surviving Pancreatic Cancer”

How does one survive pancreatic cancer and then go on to fulfill a CV (Curriculum Vitae- Latin for “Life”) spanning decades? Renaissance man and current professor of Business Administration at the University of Washington- Ken Walters- stops by to talk about his bout with pancreatic cancer, the relationship between a senior professor and his teenage students and seniors becoming entrepreneurs. Physical therapist, lecturer and author of “The Second Childhood,” Manish Patel, drops in to explain what inspired him to write his latest book and why it should inspire you to take care of your parents as you would want them to take care of you. It’s a look at life, love and respect for the elders in our family and community at large. It’s the kind of diversity of personal experiences and information our listeners have come to expect from our award winning program director, R. Edward Turner, Ph.D. Perhaps we should reward him with some heat and running water in the shed where he produces our show. Pour a cup of tea, gather the grandkids, turn off the television and enjoy this family friendly broadcast – suitable for listeners of all ages. It’s time for the quickest half hour in broadcasting; it’s time for Seniors Talk Radio.