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The Optimistic Muslim

The Optimistic Muslim – America’s Muslims ARE America’s Freedoms “Front Line of Defense”

Just where do America’s Muslims stand in the battle to defend America’s freedoms? It’s certainly not where people like Newt Gingrich think they stand. And just how much of a difference is there, between true Islamic Shariah -the best traveled path to peace and freedom first walked by Muhammad- and the American Bill of Rights?
American Muslim Corey Saylor, spokesperson for American Civil Rights Organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations is proud of the path he walks, defending America, Islam, Americans and American Muslims together, and he sees no honest conflict between them. Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks with CAIR’s official spokesperson and media expert and Director of Government Affairs about the real relationships between America’s Muslims, America and America’s Government and Constitution, and why that’s not always what you’ll read in the papers.
Because if you look closely you’ll see that America’s Rights and Freedoms are under attack, and America’s Muslims are defending them, on the front lines!