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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Think The United Nations Is Our Friend? Your Friend? Not Hardly

Think The United Nations Is Our Friend? Your Friend? Not Hardly–and it is even worse than you suppose. Join Reid and guests, Nathan Tabor, the author of the The Beast on The East River, whose many interviews include Glen Beck ,Laura Ingrahm, and others–and Coleman Alderson, from Littleredpill.com

This is an eye-crossing three way discussion of just how insidious the United Nations is. Do you have any idea just how far the tentacles of that organization–aided and abetted by left wing globalists in the U.S. government–including Obama, his czars, Hillary Clinton, and others– have reached? Your community, your state, and yes, the minds of your children are purposefully, bit by bit, being altered by the edicts of an organization that hates America, individual freedom, armed citizens and sovereign national governments. To add insult to injury, thanks to the morons in DC, we–just one of the 190 or so member countries–get to pay 80% of the UN’s annual operating budget. About 18 billion annually. And, Reid’s Tidbits of Torture this week are again chunks–make that huge morsels–of information that is almost unbelievable. The Cathodic Church mandated by Obama Care to provide abortion services via employee insurance, while Muslims and mosques get religious waivers from the law’s requirements, Warren Buffet making 2.1 million a day from his friend, Obama’s, decision to kill the Pipeline, and the new truth about so-called global warming from the mouths of 16 of the world’s top scientists in the Wall Street Journal.