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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – Approaching Life Transitions (Part I): An interview with Tracy Greene-Mintz, LCSW

Have you ever had a loved one, parent, or friend who you knew might not be safe living alone? And worse yet, had no idea how to broach the subject or what to do. Didn’t even know what the options were? Well my guest today is Tracy Greene-Mintz, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the field of aging, and a nationally recognized expert in the field of Relocation Stress Syndrome in the elderly. She has written an extremely helpful book on the subject, which is available at her website at the bottom of the page. She has agreed to provide free shipping with the purchase of the book if you mention Brain-Body Breakthroughs.

We’ll be discussing how to know when a move might be required, how to avoid one, if possible, how to talk about the subject in a meaningful fashion and why it is so important to preserve the dignity of the older person involved.

Tracy has savvy, poise and a sense of humor as she discusses these sensitive issues and provides numerous practical pointers for successfully navigating potential minefields along the way.