Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Closing the “I Taught It-Did They Get It” Gap

Coach, have you ever wanted more ways for players to more quickly and effectively understand and execute what you teach them? This show helps with that. Stan Luketich*, a 36 year outstanding high school baseball coach, shares his communication tips for closing that pesky teacher-coach/player-student learning and application gap. Included is an approach that: establishes trust, checks for understanding, breaks down the skill, uses visualizing language, provides a feel for the skill, obtains timely, specific feedback and gives demonstration.
*Stan currently teaches special education at Desert Vista HS, Phoenix, AZ. After college ball at Northern Arizona, he coached at Northern Colorado U. and with the Detroit Tiger organization. His HS teams have won three state championships. He is a member of AZ High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame and received the American Baseball Coaches Association 2012 Ethics Award in Coaching.