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Conscious SHIFT

ConsciousShift – Turn Your Fear into Fuel!

UNCERTAINTY is about what goes on in your head, your heart, and your gut … as you strive to CREATE anything truly extraordinary. Jonathan Fields, Julie Ann Turner’s guest on ConsciousSHIFT, and author of “Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance,” shares: [“Uncertainty is] about the nutty things we do, the gremlins we battle, the decisions we make and actions we take in the pursuit of long-term, large-scale creative, artistic, entrepreneurial, and organizational greatness. … The ability not only to endure but to invite, amplify, and exalt uncertainty, then reframe it as fuel is paramount to your ability to succeed as a CREATOR.” Join Julie Ann and Jonathan to gain a better understanding of your own creative process – and a set of concrete daily practices that will allow you to reframe uncertainty, risk, and exposure as allies for creating and innovating on a level you never thought possible.