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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Botox : Going Far Beyond Wrinkle Treatments – Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Woffles Wu

Join cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka and his guest, aesthetic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu from the Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre, Singapore, as they discuss the latest uses of Botox and how it is increasingly being used to create the very latest non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques (NSFR). In response to advances in modern science and cosmetic dermatology, and to address the changing needs and expectations of patients, Dr Wu has greatly extended the use of Botox far beyond its well-known use for treating wrinkles.
By combining Botox with other non-surgical techniques and products such as fillers, Dr Wu explains the new techniques he has developed. He highlights that Botox is a much more versatile drug than anyone could have previously expected, and predicts that its use will extend further as more is understood about it and yet more lateral thinking is applied to current cosmetic surgery challenges.