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The Manic Gardener – Water-wise gardening

We all know that Texas is in the midst of a terrible drought with no end in sight, so it makes sense that irrigating lawns and gardens is restricted there. But in fact water is running short in areas far wetter than Texas. Aquifers are depleted and water tables have dropped in states as damp (and as far apart) as Florida and Oregon.
Are we going to lose our gardens—and our lawns? Thomas Christopher, an expert on sustainable gardening, says no—not if we plant wisely and water as if it mattered. In his introduction to The New American Landscape: Leading Voices on the Future of Sustainable Gardening, which he edited, Christopher reels out some pretty frightening statistics. But overall his is a hopeful vision, because he believes in our ability to change, and he knows how we can do it. Join me as he talks about the water shortage we face and the ways that gardeners can contribute to a solution.

At the end of the program, Edwin Beck, a consultant with EarthMinded Rain Station, explains how Rain Station water barrels avoid the flooding caused by others, why they cost less to ship, and how you can link two together. These barrels really are different. They contain 30-85% recycled material, their lids lead double lives, and hey—they look pretty classy, too.

Bring your water-saving tips and your water-wasting horror stories to the blog, The Manic Gardener.