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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – Never Give Up Hope or Resilience

Here’s Trouble! In January, 2006, after some tough times of her own, then twelve year old Kendra Duncan of Marblehead, Massachusetts, decided that kids could use some help during difficult times … maybe they were being bullied … had lost their home … someone was ill … or they were simply feeling a little bit afraid. They needed a great big hug … and more!

She sat down and drew a very simple little pup, and named him Trouble! She then worked with her aunt, Sheila, to design a cuddly plush toy as well as a children’s book which tells Trouble’s story of rescue and hope…and how to “be tough” when times are hard.

Trouble has a mission … to help kids, grown ups (and dogs) in need … and he does! It’s magical! Sheila Duncan went from running a world famous bar/restaurant in Marblehead, MA, to founder and co-creator along with her niece, of Trouble, a children’s stuffed animal brand. This character, Trouble the Dog brings HOPE to children all over the world.