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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – Approaching Life Transitions (Part II): How to avoid stress and feel comfortable talking with loved ones about the move to alternative living opportunities. An interview with Tracy Greene-Mintz.

As we learned last week, Tracy Greene-Mintz is a real expert in how to take the sting out of addressing difficult life transitions such as the move of a parent or loved one into assisted living, a group home or a memory care unit. She reveals secrets accumulated during years of teaching life transition strategies to concerned family members and health care professionals. She has a delivery that combines professionalism with her sage sense of humor in an engaging manner that makes learning easy and provides many helpful tips along the way.

This week we’ll be discussing what different living choices are available, how to choose which one is most appropriate, how to allow the senior to become invested in the process and what questions to ask to evaluate the new lifestyle and make the most out of the living arrangements.