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GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success

GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success – Turn Your Great Idea into a Profitable Business in One Weekend

Perhaps you have a great idea for a business but haven’t taken the steps to creating a profitable business from that idea. Or maybe you’ve started a business and you can’t figure out how to make it work. Today’s show is about business planning and how to write a business plan that will take your fabulous business idea and turn it into a profitable business (in one weekend!). My guest is Ellen Rohr. Ellen started Bare Bones Biz- a venture capital and consulting company – in 1995, to help people turn their big ideas into successful businesses.
Through trial and error, Ellen learned the importance of business planning once she got involved in her husband’s failing business. She found terrific mentors, savvy contractors who taught her how to to put a simple Biz Plan together and most importantly, how to make money. Now, Ellen shows entrepreneurs how to create a profitable business – and how to write a simple solid business plan in a weekend.
Ellen’s the author of four books – including The Weekend Biz Plan and Where Did the Money Go? – accounting basics for the business owner who wants to get profitable. She’s a columnist for PHC News, Business Journals, and lots of trade magazines– providing “in the trenches” insight that business owners can relate to.