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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of Healing From Within Host Sheryl Glick author of” Life Is No Coincidence” welcomes special guest Andrew Cohen spiritual teacher, cultural visionary and founder of the global non-profit
Enlighten Next and its award-winning publication Enlighten Next magazine and author of his newest book” Evolutionary Enlightenment A New Path to Spiritual Awakening. Through his writings and ongoing dialogues with philosophers, scientists, mystics and religious leaders, he has become known as one of the active and profound voices of the new evolutionary spirituality. Our discussion today will focus on understanding how the universe was born and then slowly evolved into matter, life, then consciousness, culture and then you, and each of us, are indeed the unique embodiment of creativity and change. As each of us develops a wiser and more comprehensive understanding of the” evolutionary impulse” a term that Andrew Cohen has coined, and also develop an awakening to our inner soul or energetic part of being, it becomes clearer and easier to make conscious and conscientious choices for empowering our personal life development, and to work towards unity, peace, harmony and balance to improve the human and universal expansion that began over fourteen billion years ago.
Andrew describes five tenants to organize his process for change and evolutionary enlightenment. They are: 1 Clarity of Intention 2 The Power of Volition 3 Face Everything and Avoid Nothing 4 The Process Perspective 5 Cosmic Conscience.
Andrew and Sheryl also discuss and describe how by moving past the duality of our ego-mind and soul life, we again remember the oneness or non-duality of our life force. We also can become aware we are already at the same place of our eternal beginnings, and can now chose to be liberated and free to co-create and manifest from our own inner essence of divinity the life, and world, that insures our continued vision of growth. Furthermore, change may be seen as a vertical ascending or alignment to the universal energy or force of life and these changes within us becomes home or a new level of comfort and peace as we discard fear and limitation, and replace it with openness and a state of cooperation. Sheryl and Andrew also describe impressions of possibilities for change as the Mayans predicted changes would present after the year 2012. As evolving conscious and conscientious citizens of the cosmos and universe, it becomes clear that it is each of our responsibility to create with our thoughts, words and actions and foster more appropriate choices to create for our children of today, a better safer and more loving world for tomorrow. As we again remember we are universal beings born of the one energy of the cosmos we then know we must continue to develop a higher consciousness and world sense of unity and to use our passions and creative, or evolutionary impulse to continue the process of birth and evolution that began so long ago.