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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – De’j`a Vu Vegas. Shot Show 2012. Part II Ext.

De’j`a Vu Vegas. Shot Show 2012. Part II Ext.

In this extended 90 minute episode, Hovey interviews Shot Show exhibitors of knives, crossbows, guns, hunting accessories and outdoor personalities and concludes with a live-recorded cooking segment on making homemade salsa from easily available ingredients.

Starting off with knives, Wenger introduces a new folding Swiss Army knife intended for hunters and HallMark Cutlery’s Jessica Hall talks about knives suitable for presenting to ladies on Valentine’s Day or other occasions. Crossbows come next with interviews with Bill Troubridge of Excalibur Crossbows, Randy Wood of TenPoint Crossbows and Scott Belvedere of Barnett Crossbows. Videos of these interviews was shot for a YouTube video which may be seen at:

Guns come up next and include a Crossman air rifle with the power of a .38-Special that can take animals, like coyotes, at close range and even has been used to kill smallish wild hogs. Bob Baker, of Freedom Arms, talks about his guns, and in particular, about his single-shot pistol that shoots what are usually considered to be rifle cartridges. This is followed by Dan Coonan who tells about some interesting derivations he has made to his .357 Remington Magnum 1911 semi-automatic pistol including a 6-inch barreled version with a compensator. Mossberg, a company long noted for its interchangeable-barrel shotguns, has a new Flex Model 500 12-gauge shotgun that allows an variety of potential stock and accessory options to fit the gun for anything from tactical use to turkey and waterfowl hunting. Ruger offers a new gun, The American Rifle, that weighs about 5.5 pounds, has a very smooth bolt action, synthetic stock, built-in bedding points with numerous stock options to fit it to every shooter. This gun is available for some of the .308 and .30-’06 families of cartridges at present with more to follow.

Hunting gear included a new OptiFade camo fabric that I discuss with Gore Tex’s Tim Dennis that is particularly suited for duck hunters. What distinguishes this fabric from the usual marsh-grass patterns is its use of a broken honey comb pattern and more gray and blacks interspersed with the usual yellow-browns more often seen in waterfowler’s outer garments. This fabric is now available in hunting clothes made by Beretta and Sitka Gear.

Red Wing still makes its leather and produces its boots in the U.S. They have some new boots including a rubber boot with a fold-down neoprene top and some variations on their insulated leather and GoreTex boots for 2012. Jeffery Polke, the owner of San Angelo brands has a swivel hunting seat for duck hunters with “non-sink” wider feet and a fabric layer attached to the legs for added support and stability. (I could have really used this seat a few weeks ago when I was hunting on Bodie Island in North Carolina).

Boeff Schultz of Pure Products International discussed his washing machine add-on that eliminates the need for detergent, bleach and anti-scent compounds to keep hunting clothes scent free. This device attaches to the cold-water line of the washer and uses charged water, ozone and peroxide to clean and de-scent clothes. This is an environmentally friendly way to wash clothes as it does not release phosphates or other chemicals into the environment.

The firm of Reflective Arts, commissions artworks and produces not only framed prints, but also clocks, mugs, puzzles, night lights, hangers and other items with wildlife themes. These may be found in mass-market outdoor outlets as well as in smaller stores. Concluding the show is an interview with the TV personalities Mac and Prowler who have a show, “Coyote Hunting with Mac and Prowler.” On the show I make an effort to convince them to come to Georgia and do a combined radio-TV show with me and help “kill some of these multitudinous coyotes.”

A live-recorded cooking event, inspired by a visit to the now closed “Casa Hispanica Calente Maximissemo” kitchen in Las Vegas, covers the preparation of a cooked salsa that the average person can eat, or spice up as hot as he/she can stand.

Ads on the show include one from Buy Cheap. Make Cheap. Sell Cheap who uses paper- making methods to produce an ultra-thin cloth that will take printed patterns, but yield garments that will only last for three wearings so they must be replaced more often.

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