Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – Kanta Katz shares with us about his journey from a painful childhood to addiction to religion to more pain and then to an understanding of what healing is…

Join Kanta Katz, Ph.D. as he talks with Tami about his painful childhood in which he separated himself emotionally as he received no nurturing nor acceptance from his family. This pain led him to drug addiction for many years. He prayed for assistance and met a Christian pastor who invited him to attend church and to learn the meaning of asking Jesus Christ to be his savior. Eventually, Kanta’s addiction urges returned and he began to question his religious teachings, which led to anger within the church. Kanta left the church and moved forward in his own pathway to understand how to heal his emotional injuries and this led him to assist others as well. His book is Play and Heal to guide people in their process of self-examination and healing. Kanta is also a
Tai Yi (pronounced Tie Yee) practitioner. Join Kanta and Tami on this journey that Kanta placed himself on to find his truth.