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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Manage Your Money for the Long Haul

The return you get on your investments helps you achieve your retirement savings goal and provides a safe stream of income when you retire. Retirement will last longer for new retirees. Your longevity requires a new way of thinking about how you handle your money. One difficulty in retirement planning is estimating what your return will be while you are growing your nest egg to meet your retirement goal. Another difficulty is estimating your return once you retire to see how long your money will last. History in some cases can be a guide but when it comes to expected investment returns in the new economy the new retirement requires a new realization that your likely return will be less than you think. Todd Tresidder a retired hedge fund manager and an ongoing author of articles and books on investing in the new retirement will help explain how you choose a reasonable return and a safe withdrawal rate. He will provide insight on how much money you need to retire. We also will discuss strategies on balancing your retirement expenses with your investment returns; a skill that will be quite useful in the new retirement.