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Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Dow Corning Breast Implant Travesty Continues, part II

Kathy-Keithly Johnston joins us again for more information about women and the struggles they have had with breast implant failure. Kathy, the founder of Toxic Discovery, a non-profit group with over 30,000 members helps guide women through the correct paperwork necessary to file to prove implant failure. Kathy educates and empowers women with not only valuable information but the comfort to move forward instead of blaming themselves. Toxic Discovery maintains one of the most impressive libraries of medical research data, educational materials, and peer reviewed studies in the United States on the topic of medical device failures. They have been successful in lobbying for laws to protect women and children’s health. Don’t miss this show with Kathy. We all need to be educated on the breast implant travesty that affects the lives of so many women…and continues with a new generation of women getting breast augmentation.