Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Jack and Rex: Affirming the ‘Act’ in Character

A major reason for this show is to provide guests recognized for significantly acting with character. On Feb 26, 2008 the Championship Thinking in Sports show was Courage Through Character with guest Jerry Kindall, former major leaguer and U. Arizona Head baseball coach from ’73-’96. The annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Baseball award is titled the Jerry Kindall Character in Coaching Award.
This show’s guest, Rex Burkhead, is a shining example of an athlete who affirms and acts on his character with courage. On the football field Rex, a senior U. of Nebraska running back, performs at an elite level. His honors, awards and stats speak for themselves. So expect to hear a little about character in football but expect to hear much more about acting with character in life. Tuning in is your field box ticket for learning how life touchdowns are made.
You’ll hear the story of the deep and growing friendship between six year old Jack Hoffman and his hero, Rex. It’s about the love, support, care and strength Rex has given Jack who strives to make first downs and move the chains. You see, Jack suffers from a rare pediatric brain tumor called a low grade glioma. It’s about how Jack’s strength of character including not complaining has further awakened Rex to the power of the human spirit; a power that has spurred him on to dig deeper to go the extra mile.
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