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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Greatest Love Story Defies Death and Shows You How To Cast A Quantum Love Spell

Their real-life love story defied death like the hit film, Ghost. Hear how help from the afterlife had led Jerry Weinstock, , to find undying love as he chats with Hadley Finch, founder dating site where great singles find great love in the world’s best guided love quest.

Their love story has been called one of the greatest ever, because it was a match made in heaven that ultimately defied death. Hear how their love story began with a murder which was featured recently as a mystery on TV’s 48 Hours. And how a 12-step program to find love that was channeled from the afterlife had led Hollywood producer, writer and actor, Jerry Weinstock, to meet his soulmate, Joy.

You’ll hear how during their 10 year marriage, Jerry and Joy had worked tirelessly to free her step-son from prison for the murder of his mother which he said he didn’t commit. Find how how the Courts finally agreed and released him from prison after serving 26 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Sadly, Joy didn’t live to see her step son’s release.

After Joy’s death, her husband Jerry was grief stricken, and today he explains how he was loved back to life by the spirit of his late wife. Find out how Joy’s spirit led Jerry on a healing journey that included sacred, sexual and supernatural encounters which he calls the Rites Of Joy.

As Jerry Weinstock reveals how their great love story defied death, like in the hit film, Ghost, you will be tempted to see his love story as proof that love never dies, it only changes form. During his riveting half-hour conversation with Hadley Finch, you also will discover how to:

Cast A Quantum Love Spell just by answering one question
Launch Your Great Love Quest
Tune into the Frequency of Love
Raise your loveability and be part of the Love-olution
Use new Love Habits to find love and fill your Love Bank
Create even more love in your life in 30 days or less,
Make 2012 The Year Of Love

America’s love guide and show host, Hadley Finch, knows you’ll enjoy this real-life love story which is Hollywood movie material. She encourages you to use these secrets of undying love to help you find love and get the red-hot love life you deserve.