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Conscious SHIFT

ConsciousShift – Unbinding Your Heart!

Agapi Stassinopoulos - author of “Unbinding The Heart,” Huffington Post regular, and Julie Ann Turner’s guest on ConsciousSHIFT – says we are all born with an open heart, but we quickly learn to put conditions on our happiness – comparing ourselves to others, casting judgment, doubting ourselves, allowing fear or entitlement or self-righteousness to take hold-and slowly our hearts begin to close. So how can we “unbind our hearts,” and allow our true selves to emerge – so we may express our truth, gifts and messages
in joy and flow? Agapi, who grew up in Athens with her older sister, Arianna Huffington, moved to London at 18 to pursue acting and later went on to Los Angeles. She landed several small roles before realizing that an actress’s life was not her authentic dream. Agapi shares with Julie Ann the story of her own struggle to find her place and her voice – trying to balance the acting career she dreamed of, with the deepening spiritual life she longed for – and how she discovered a path that was uniquely hers.