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Liberated Living – “Joy From Deep Within” w/Guest Dr. Hemant Gupta (Part 2)

Do you seek happiness within your life? Is there a void within you, causing unspeakable depression? Dr. Hemant Gupta who is the author of the book titled, “Joy From Deep Within” discusses joy from the aspect of the quantum self.

Dr. Gupta states, “Our modern scientific studies contend that we are all incorrigible seekers of bliss or joy. Our minds are wired to be happy. Yet most of us struggle most of the time to be and stay happy. What has gone wrong? According to the author, it is because most of us have not recognized the nature of our true self. We know and recognize our physical self, but it is our informational self that one needs to be familiar with. Knowing its true nature and acting accordingly is the key to achieve good emotional health and experience unending joy from deep within. He believes that not knowing or not paying enough attention or simply ignoring the messages from this essential nature of our self is the leading cause of suffering in our human society. Dr. Gupta is the author of the series of books “Informational Nature of Being”. His writings address fundamental question of existence addressing how Joy and Happiness provide ultimate meaning to our Lives. His writings reflect his search for meaning and joy in his own life spanning past 30 years. For example, does GOD exist? What is the nature of the silence? What is the meaning of Life? What is the true nature of the self? What is Digital Divine and what is Divine Meaning? How can one feel the supreme Joy? How does modern living contribute to causing stress and stress related ailments such as depression, anxiety and high blood pressure just to name a few? How can one realize relief from the pain caused by stress responses in our body? How one can discover one’s True Self? How can one lead harmonious, emotionally fulfilling and meaningful life by knowing one’s true self that he calls quantum self?”

Dr. Gupta states, “I have struggled with the question of “Who I am?” for as long as I can remember. Since childhood I would look at myself in the mirror and wonder “Is this really me? Is this my true shape, color or form?” I used to be puzzled when I would catch myself referencing to someone inside of me: e.g. “Common’ I could have done that differently!!” Who am I? What is this “the self” I keep referring to or the one that talks within me (self talk)? What is the nature of my true self? My search led me to a path of self discovery that took almost all of my life so far. I have finally come to terms with my true self. I described it as “Quatum self”. It is my way of saying that the true nature of my self is also rooted in information, just like the nature of my GOD and my Universe. I am informationally linked to the rest. How could I be sure that I had found my true self? Once I understood it mentally and allowed myself to experience it, Joy poured from deep within me and I just knew. I described this in details in my book “Joy from deep within”, nature of your quantum self.”