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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – Getting Past Your Fear

In this week’s encore episode of Marketing 4.0, Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by guest Brad Worthley ( as they discuss how to recognize the fears that are holding you back from business success and obliterate them! Brad is an internationally known speaker and behavior change specialist. Having started seven successful companies over the last 37 years, Brad knows a thing or two about what it takes to start a business and succeed.

Listen in as Gary and Brad discuss the number one reason so many small business owners don’t have the level of success they desire. It is spelled F-E-A-R. Learn what FEAR really stands for and how we can create systems and mindsets to stop it dead in its tracks. You will hear how to squash your inner saboteur by listening to the voice of reason instead. Any entrepreneur, small-business owner/manager or job-seeker has to face down their fear to succeed. In this episode you will learn how fear presents itself and how it holds us back.

You will also learn that there can be a place for fear. You will hear how to understand when fear is actually a way of telling us to get more information and be prepared. Yet all too often we use fear as an excuse to never take action and that is when it can really harm us. By listening to this episode you will discover how you can create your own systems for emotional safety so that fear serves you rather than you serving it.

So if you are curious about how to recognize your fears and better deal with them for business success, listen to this episode of Marketing 4.0 with Gary Kaskowitz and special guest Brad Worthley today.