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Robin Siegerman

Renovation Bootcamp – Emmy Award Winner Steve Thomas Joins Forces with Habitat For Humanity

Host Robin Siegerman is thrilled to welcome her guest, Emmy Award winner Steve Thomas to the show! Throughout his TV career as host for 13 years of This Old House on PBS followed by a hosting stint on Renovation Nation on the Discovery Channel, Steve has been a vocal advocate for sustainable renovations and building. Now, by joining forces with Habitat for Humanity International, Steve is adding his voice to the growing chorus of concern over the state of housing for much of the population of the world by raising awareness and funds for Habitat homes all over the globe.

Steve talks about his experience in Kenya with Habitat, and the amazing project they completed there which allowed the organization to reach an impressive milestone in their history. He describes how decent, affordable housing elevates productivity and morale in communities all over the world, once devastated by violence, natural disasters and desperate poverty. Many politicians argue that building homes for those who need them is unaffordable, but Steve believes that we can’t afford not to. And with the guiding principle of Habitat for Humanity being “A hand up, not a hand out”, the model is attainable by communities everywhere.

Habitat can always use volunteers to help build homes, but even if you’re not prepared to put on a hard hat or swing a hammer, you can join the growing movement by listening to Steve and Robin talk about how to achieve affordable, decent homes for all and how communities can aspire to and accomplish true sustainability. Inspiring and motivational, you don’t want to miss a word of this episode of Renovation Bootcamp™!