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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Energy Field Dynamics: Unfamiliar Science

After some time away from the microphone, Adam opens up about his new venture; the Photonic Energy Center, a holistic fitness center located in Chandler, Arizona.

Of particular note are some of the principles that make the center an example of new, meritorious methods and practices that could point society in a direction that would portend a decrease in the cost of health care, made possible by substantial success in maintaining or restoring health.

The Photonic Energy Center is not a “health treatment” facility, but instead, focuses on the clients’ energy field, a generally acknowledged, but heretofore under-appreciated element that is an integral part of every human being.

The status of the energy field not only reflects the status of the individual’s metabolic health, it actually influences it; either to the benefit or detriment of one’s health. However, active steps to restore the natural harmonics of the individual’s energy field will, without equivocation, result in an improvement… not only in one’s health, but in the whole of one’s experience.

You’ll want to listen to this thought-provoking and informative program again and again.

Photonic Energy Center