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Leadership. Success. And You

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Leadership. Success. And You – Cooperative Capitalism: A New Business Strategy For Phenomenal Success

Join host Dr. Ulwyn and guest Berny Dohrmann who will discuss a powerful business approach to profitability. Turbulent economic times bring about both challenges and opportunities. To capitalize on opportunities and be successful, companies must not only eliminate unproductive business practices but also search out more creative and innovative strategies. Most businesses default to the overtly materialistic, ruthlessly competitive, and ultimately destructive practice of competitive capitalism. Berny is an international pioneer and advocate of Cooperative Capitalism, a powerful alternative business approach. While creating profit is important, Cooperative Capitalism is built on something much larger than ourselves and our companies. Discover how cooperative business practices will allow you to create powerful business advantages including innovation, speed to market, accountability, and sustainability. Berny Dohrmann is Founder and Chairman of CEO Space International. The company brings together Investors, Development Companies, Hyper-Growth Companies, Professionals, and Mentors to form the largest cooperative marketplace in the country. Members fast-track their way to success and achieve their professional goals more easily and reliably. Join us to discover how to lead to success with a Cooperative Capitalism mindset. Also get Dr. Ulwyn’s Success Guide for today’s show at