Politics and Religion

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Intentional, Brilliant, Purposeful, Progressively Successful–to YOUR detriment. That is the current reality of Obama and Minions’ plan for you, me, our faiths, our constitution, our security, and our families.

Step back from your normalcy bias. Yes, it is possible to have a President, surrounded by advisors he picked who hate the America we know–the country founded on the principles of a Representative Republic, who fervently believe the country must fall to the levels of other nation state, just as income and wealth must be taken by government and redistributed to others–all of whom vote. The purchase of votes to enhance and solidify their power using your money .Connect the dots. Marxist father and step-fathers. Ultra left mother. Bill Ayers. Valerie Jaret, Reverend Wright. Barack’s book–Dreams of My Father–Michelle’s thesis. It is Barack who said in 2008, “Judge me by whom I associate with.” His words.

Close your ears to the pretty, flowing (and knowingly false) words on the screen. Focus on what he does. Attack on the first amendment via Obama care and mandates to religious organizations. Support of unions, and payback in return. Association with Soros and his many tentacles. No budget for three years. new 6 trillion in debt (running up Federal Debt “is unpatriotic”–his words, 2008). No spending cuts. Abandonment of Israel–subjugation of US interest to the United Nations. Blocking new energy initiatives–paying off others with your money with “green initiatives”, False statistics from oil production to unemployment, to economic data. Opposition to Voter ID. Attack on the constitution–“a fundamentally flawed document, and merely a covenant of negative rights”–his words–PBS interview, 2001. And they rely on your lack of time, lack of knowledge–you who “cling bitterly to your guns and religion”–Barack’s words, San Francisco, 2008, to move us to the path of European socialism or worse, global government and a dependent people. Faith, The Individual, A strong America, the Constitution–the pillars of America, her spirit and her people are their enemies. EVERYTHING is intentional. There are no coincidences.