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Join me and my guest, Paul Owens, as we talk about how you can train your dog using a positive nonviolent approach to get the results you want (

Paul Owens is often referred to as the “original” Dog Whisperer. Paul began training dogs in 1972 and has become one of the leading proponents of his nonviolent approach. He is the Founder and Director of the children’s after-school violence prevention program called Paws for Peace.

Paul is the author of The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training and The Puppy Whisperer. His latest book is The Dog Whisperer Presents: Good Habits for Great Dogs. Paul has also produced and is featured on the Dog Whisperer DVDs.

Paul will be conducting a seminar in Tucson, AZ on February 25 as part of his Paws for a Peaceful World Tour. If you’re near Tucson you’re going to want to go and you’re not going to want to miss this show!