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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – If not now, When?

“For so many years people have been anticipating, efforting, studying, growing, learning… When are we going to just simply arrive?” asks Sri Ram Kaa in this week’s 2012 Higher Love. With the possibility of increased conflict in the Middle East, and a rising global financial crisis, the daily effort to keep the peace (and keep up the pace!) has become more difficult than ever. Will we ever find common ground? As KiraRaa puts it, “It’s 2012: If not now…when?”

“Our world cannot take conflict any longer,” says Sri, addressing not only overpopulation and the other physical tolls on the earth, but the lifestyle choices—including the overly harsh judgment of others—that are straining our very existence. Is it even possible to achieve harmony anymore?

“I don’t care when you’re listening to this show, I guarantee you time has never moved faster than it is right now,” says Kira. But how should we handle this foray into warp speed? Do we give up? Or do we resolve to live in this extraordinary energy?

Once again, Sri and Kira turn to the Miracle of Focus and ask the big questions: If you were truly yourself—if you truly did what brought you joy—what would you be doing?

Are you prepared to be more than the sum of your parts? Are you ready to stop being defined by what you own and start being known for who you really are?

During this powerful, revelatory show, Sri and Kira assist us to remember that the opportunities before us now are large –but, don’t worry!—we are prepared to deal with them! Tune in to learn how to move through this moment and actually flourish through it! Take notes: This is a show you will want to listen to often for many years to come.