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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Small vs Large Wine Production

Today, Tommy and Mary focus on smaller production wine versus larger production wine and discuss the upcoming In Pursuit of Balance tasting event in San Francisco and New York this spring. The topic of smaller production wines versus larger production wines has gained quite a bit of notoriety lately. There is a feeling among the fine wine community that the grapes that are harvested by hand, that are produced into wines that have typically less than 10,000 cases to as many as 40,000 cases tend to show a more expressive terroir. The wines tend to be more complex and ultimately tend to taste better. The large-scale productions often have massive marketing budgets behind them. In turn, they receive prime placements on the shelves of our local grocery and wine stores. However, they often have a higher price point and less drinking satisfaction.
From this movement there was an ongoing discussion within the community to examine and promote balanced wines. Rajat Parr and Jasmine Hirsch decided to highlight outstanding California Pinot Noir producers. The tasting was held last March in San Francisco and was a tremendous success. This year the events will be held in both San Francisco and New York City.