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GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success

GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success – Reinventing Yourself after Motherhood

Many of us experience the need to re-invent ourselves at some point in our lives whether it’s for a new career, starting a business, or becoming a mother. As women, we experience many different milestones in our lives, but perhaps nothing more powerful than motherhood. Being a mother not only changes your body chemistry, but it has a tremendous impact on our daily lives, our relationships, and our identity. Today we’ll discuss how to reclaim our identity as women and stay connected with who we are in order to re-invent ourselves.

Joining me for today’s discussion are Jennifer Pate and Barbara Machen, co-authors of the book, Mothers of Reinvention: Reclaiming Your Identity, Unleash Your Potential, Love Your Life. Barbara and Jen are also co-creators of the award winning web series, Jen and Barb, Mom Life.