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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – How to Follow Your Passion to Success!

This week, Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by guest Kevin Huhn (, founder of “The Hockey Source.” Kevin successfully took a lifelong passion for playing hockey and turned it into a very successful business. In this episode you will hear how Kevin was able to launch his own TV show to become the Martha Stewart of the hockey world!

You will learn the three keys to successfully create a business out of doing something you love doing. You will also learn how to successfully build a team of people clamoring to help you build your business and how to avoid the number one mistake most people make when dealing with their teams!

Listen in as Gary and Kevin discuss how to cater to the human being in a changing world. While the context you operate in will change, the fundamentals discussed in this interview will be consistent regardless of who you sell to or what your environment is.

So, join Gary Kaskowitz and Kevin Huhn as they discuss how to pursue your passion to success by clicking on the link above.