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Video Games: Brain Gain or Drain?

Jayne Gackenbach Ph.D.

VideoGames: Brain Gain or Drain? – Casual Games for Improved Thinking in the Elderly

This interview is with Garth Chouteau who oversees all surveys and research related to the health benefits of video games at PopCap Games. A casual game is one which is easy to learn, does not take much time to play, yet occupies enough attention to distract one from day to day ruminations. Previous casual game research we have spoken about on this show showed that casual game play is associated with relaxation as well as decreased depression and anxiety. This time in our conversation with Garth Chouteau we talk about other research done on PopCap games which may help enhance the thinking process in the elderly and may also be associated with bonding between adults and children. In this show you’ll find out why casual game play may result the sorts of cognitive improvements more commonly associated with video game play of the action type, like first person shooters. You’ll also find out what features of casual games help reduce anxiety for some while increases it for others?