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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – KONY 2012 Spiritual Activism: Helpful or Hurtful?

The KONY 2012 frenzy has assisted everyone in taking a hard look at how they can make a difference. The experience of our lives is often shaped through our ability to feel as if our life matters. When issues are presented to us that tear at our heart strings it is challenging not to react as we are challenged to respond through Ascended Sanity.

Yet, this is where the real illumination begins! As each person learns how to climb the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening, the issues get bigger and the responses get clearer…or do they?

“We are going to dive into spiritual activism,” shares Kira of this episode. “From Occupy Wallstreet to the current KONY 2012, we are spiritually active.” And that “we” includes YOU! Humanity as a whole is saying “Hey!—What’s going on?!” throughout the world. But what is spiritual activism? And how and what does it make us really feel?

Does activism always have to be an “Us VS. Them” experience? Is activism ever really for a higher purpose?

“Our planet is stuffed in spiritual activism right now. The question is, and the greater thing before us is: Will we grow through it or are we going to get stuck in it? This is a dangerous place to be,” warns Kira, daring to ask: “Has spiritual activism become toxic charity?” More importantly, how can we tell the difference?

Can we help other construct their lives? Should we? Sri and Kira discuss rescuers, prosecutors, and victims: Which are YOU? And how, no matter which role you play, to you achieve Ascended Sanity?

Tune in as Sri and Kira challenge the status quo and invite you to expand your paradigms. This is a MUST LISTEN show that offers deep perspectives to important questions. Is spiritual activism helpful or hurtful? Listen in and open your mind to the greater responses ahead.