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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Know Your Options – Don’t Exhaust Your Savings

Are you making the transition from the military to the mainstream soon? Have you wondered if you are really prepared to leave? Join me as I review my transition assessment that contains the seven things that are needed to enjoy a successful transition. Being debt free and having two years in savings are just two of the seven things you must do.
Jack Pflanz, a public relations manager for Sprint joins us to share four resources that are available to Veterans that will help you in keep more money in your pocket. Now is a great time to review your finances. Your cell phone plan is one area you will want to review. You will need a cell phone when you are job hunting. Assurance wireless and Virgin Mobile have programs that can help you stay connected with future employers. You do not need to exhaust your savings before taking advantage of these programs.