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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Food & Wine Pairing

This week we will talk about some of the people, publications that our audience should be following. We acknowledge the quality the articles in the Wine Spectator, but question the merits of their scoring system. Tommy can support Decanter in a more inclusive capacity. Although the magazine has a condescending quality towards American wines, their perspective on the rest of the global wine scene is considerable. Mary, our lovely co-host, has interviewed so many cookbook authors and gives us a short list of her favorite books. She starts with Steve Raichlen and his Planet BBQ or his website She is also a big fan or the Barefoot Contessa. Tommy is a big fan of Mario Batali’s books which he has Our favorite wine blog is Tom Wark’s Fermentation.

This week we introduce a new feature to the show where we analyze a specific wine and discuss the types of food that can be paired with it. Although there are a plethora of American food shows and clearly there is a profound love of wine, there is not a structured place to discuss food and wine pairings. Gastro will be that place. There is a specific jargon to this activity that we will help the audience become more familiar with these terms.

The show closes with our partner Danny Halfman has created the World’s Best Beer Rating System. Danny has moved away from the traditional scale to one that is completely unique, completely original. It will soon become the most used beer rating system.