Health and Wellness

Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within, Host Sheryl Glick author of” Life Is No Coincidence” welcomes Susann Taylor Shier author of “Soul Reunion The Return Home From Separation which is the newest book in Ms Shier’s trilogy of books which include Soul Mastery and Soul Radience and details can be found on . Susann is an intuitive counselor trained as a psychotherapist and has been featured on national television and radio shows. Her focus is on helping others draw a clearer vision of the connection between the heart and soul energy in order to realize the innate wisdom we may receive by this connection to Universal Energy. The advantages provided by this soul reunion or reconnection to the intelligence and energetic life force of the universe include a greater understanding of our personal power to create and manifest prosperity, health, improved relationships with others and to also provide a remembrance of our soul unity to that higher force of energy. Wellness and all aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual concerns, are then brought into alignment with our soul and physical needs which then can allow a positive energy flow to be received. The benefit is then the ability to have a more peaceful and productive life free of pain suffering and chaos. Susann and Sheryl will share how any disconnection from the powerfull universal life energy force can often lead to misconceptions about ourselves and others, often alienating us from the love and companionship so necessary to fulfill the reasons for life itself. Life is a way to achieve a greater understanding of self, nature, humanity and the Universal Source. Susann will explore how a reliance on someone, or some belief system, either a religion or political system, or to any other perceived outside source of power, separates us from our own innate inner Divine source and its guidance. When we resonate only to the power of will or ego, generating self-importance and every man for himself mentality, competiveness outruns cooperation and unity and we find the dissolution of our sense of right and wrong, which may lead to personal disatisfaction, depression, loneliness and lack of developing our personal spiritual gifts. This giift of life gives us the opportunity to empower ourselves to make choices that bring out the best in us,and a better understanding of others. Ultimately, it is not only our thoughts that we need to redirect or change to clear the fears, doubts and self sabotaging mechanisms that we have imprinted on our daily behavior patterns, but must find our way home to our internal compass and fill the human void with love, and a love of life itself. This life is the precious vehicle aiding us in refining and restoring a sacred connection to everyone and indeed, to the Universe.