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Ripley Radio – Pizza Cravings, Getting Lucky, & Life on the Moon

David Schuler likes good pizza, so he drives nearly 1,500 miles and across 16 states, from Mississippi to Massachusetts, to get the perfect pizza pie. And he stocks up once he gets there. Last time, he went home with 150 of those tomato-soaked ovals of greatness in his backseat. He visits with us this week on Ripley Radio – An On-Demand Oddcast and tells us about his favorite pizza restaurant.
Susan Hyatt says the only difference between lucky and unlucky people is their thoughts. That said, the author of “Create Your Own Luck: 7 Steps to Get Your Lucky On” stops by this week and describes how we all can learn to be lucky!
Additional bizarre, unusual, awesome and weird topics covered this week on Ripley Radio:
• In 1835, a newspaper reporter in New York City had most of the world believing that there was not only life on the moon, but the inhabitants were large bat-like men with wings. Marc Hartzman shares this hoax with us.
• There really is a town out west named ZZYZX! Angela tells us how to pronounce it and where it’s located.
• Ralf reveals that the leader so far for the 2012 Razzie Awards, which honors the worst film of the year, is Jack and Jill, an Adam Sandler film that has 11 nominations for being the worst in just about every category you can think of!
• The oddest book title so far this year, according to a leading book trade magazine is “Cooking with Poo.” Tune in to find out if this is really what it sounds like!
• Return intern Abby reports that Adele-sized mannequins are now in demand in U.K. dress shops as the plus-size singer surges in popularity.
• A former football player has set a world record! He flew his finely-crafted paper airplane an amazing 226 feet shattering the old record.
• After living in Rebekah Speight’s freezer for three years, a Chicken McNugget that resembles George Washington has been freed and put up for auction on eBay. Profits are set to help send kids to a church camp this summer.
• AND we close the show with a rousing live version of the song Jezebel, by none other than the Herman’s Hermits!
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