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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Developing Your Retirement Mindset

How do you picture your retirement. Is it a period of old age and decline or is it a period of activity and personal growth? Your outlook on retirement directly affects its quality and cost. You can’t figure out how much money you need in retirement until you figure out what you are going to do. To help you get started on figuring what you are going to do we are going to visit with Dee Cascio LPC, LMFT, ACC and Ronald Kaiser PhD and author of What Can Go Right; The Thinking Persons Guide to Making Good Things Happen. They will explain the importance of planning out the personal, social and health components of your overall retirement plan. Learn the key life factors in those reaching age 100. Setting measurable and achievable goals are critical to a successful retirement. A good mindset is the first piece to developing a good retirement plan.