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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Intimate Connections-The Fastest Way To Increase Intimacy and Romance

Find out how to build intimacy and test compatibility with a potential love match or to deepen intimacy and passion with your partner in 4 hours–as intimacy expert, Dr. Winn chats with Hadley Finch, founder dating site where great singles find great love in the world’s first guided love quest.

Don’t waste valuable time dating the wrong person. Don’t settle for a dull, frustrating relationship. Discover the fastest way to really get to know a date, or rev up your intimate connection with your romantic partner. How? By asking the right questions and talking in ways that accelerate intimacy.

Discover how this concept improves all types of relationships…between parents and children, between business associates, friends, between you and potential love match or your beloved partner. What is this concept?

It’s “Stream of Consciousness Intimacy Truth Training” (SOCITT). It may sound complicated, yet you’ll see how it’s a simple, fun way to develop intimacy faster than other methods (in most cases under 4 hours.) This claim is made by the man who developed the intimacy program –Dr. Winn Henderson. He’s a retired physician, an author of 37 books, and an intimacy expert who shows you the fastest way to bond on deeper levels.

During this provocative conversation between Dr. Winn Henderson and America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch, you will get step-by-step guidance to help you:

Find out what’s really going on in someone’s mind
Know if someone is telling the absolute truth
Identify if you have the two most important qualities for a lasting love
Develop 4 types of intimacy in the right order, and 3 of them aren’t sexual
Do one risk-free thing on a date to see if you’ve got sexual chemistry (KISS)
Use the only criteria necessary to build intimacy fast
Improve your interactions with everyone using a simple tool
Create a shopping list for your perfect match
Sort through mis-matches so you don’t date the wrong people
Travel to meet a virtual date only after you’ve completed an intimacy survey
Measure your intimacy scores to find a compatible match or revitalize a marriage
Use a sexy blueprint to build the red-hot relationship you deserve

Host, Hadley Finch, asks you to decide if you will use these intimacy tools as a dating guide. Are in-depth dating interviews a turn-off? Or can you use them as a fun tool to choose your best love match, or deepen intimacy in a long-term relationship, and get the red-hot love life you deserve?